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With the sudden change to our lives brought on by the Covid-19 virus situation, I was asked by some clients if we could have sessions over the internet using a video link. As such I took my first steps to embrace these modern technologies. The results were really positive and as such it is with confidence I can now offer video sessions which can be arranged in the same way  as an appointment at my practice.

Video calls are possible using the following devices:-
Android or Apple smartphone. 
Android or Apple Tablet.
Windows PC (with a webcam)or Windows Laptop with webcam.
Macbook or iMac

Zoom Video Sessions.

Zoom has become a very popular platform for video calls and is in use by schools, government  as well as private users. Calls are easy to set up using their free version.
Zoom is available as a free download from the Zoom website or your mobile phone or tablet application store.

Whats App Video Sessions

Whats App is now one of the most popular messaging tools in use on mobile phones today. It has the ability to set up video calls directly between two users. As such, provided you have a fixed or mobile internet connection, it allows a session to be conducted anywhere. During the lockdown, one of my clients, took to having sessions in the privacy of their car on the drive. This allowed them to get away from the distraction of a partner and children in the locked down household!
Whats App can be downloaded free from your mobile phone application store.

Skype Video Sessions

Skype is probably the oldest and most well known free video conferencing tool which is available on most devices. 
Skype is available as a free download from the Skype website or your mobile phone or tablet application store.

Many of my clients will be wary or scared to use these emerging technologies. I am not a technical wizzard in any way but even I have found success in getting connections established. I will ask you to prepare your chosen device by checking that the required software or application has been installed prior to the session. So far I have had complete success in seeing and talking to clients so why not give it a go!

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